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The Career and Honorary Diplomatic Missions in North Carolina, USA

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Image by Cam Bradford

Welcome to the official website of the North Carolina Consular Corps

The State of North Carolina is home to career and honorary consulates representing over 20 nations. The various consulates are located throughout the state with concentrations in the Charlotte and Raleigh metropolitan areas. Some North Carolina consulates cover areas that reach beyond North Carolina's state lines; conversely, some out-of-state consulates serve populations in this State.  

North Carolina is a state in the southeastern region of the United States - roughly half the distance from Boston to Miami - and is renowned for its natural resources and favorable business climate.  With more than 300 miles of Atlantic coastline and one of the highest mountain peaks on the east coast, it is a truly beautiful state.  It is also a robust place to do business. North Carolina has a population of roughly 10.5 million people and a GDP of about USD 560 billion. It has access to major airports, shipping ports, and is a major contributor to global trade. The largest city is Charlotte - an international banking hub - with close to 1 million residents.  The state capital is Raleigh, part of the world-renowned Research Triangle. The state borders South Carolina, Tennessee, Georgia and Virginia. The state is one of America's 13 original colonies and is famous for having the oldest state university in the USA, pioneering aviation, and NASCAR. The state consistently ranks high among places to live and do business in the USA.

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